AIA KnowledgeNet Round Up: November 16

By Ann Novakowski posted 11-13-2012 10:36

One Month Left to Win an iPad2, AIA Member Featured on ABC 20/20, 2013 Healthcare Design Awards Call for Entries, Download the Architect's Guide to Integrating Energy Modeling in the Design Process, Free Upcoming CEH Webinars


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2013 AIA Awards: Call for Entries

TAP Building Information Modeling Awards

Submission Deadline: 5 p.m. ET, December 17, 2012
Since 2005, the AIA Technology in Architectural Practice (TAP) Knowledge Community has spearheaded an effort to highlight award winning "best of breed" case studies from the profession in the harnessing of Building Information Model (BIM) technology and processes to further design, construction and project excellence. Find out more and submit your project.

Healthcare Design Awards

Submission Deadline: 5 p.m. ET, December 10, 2012
The AIA/AAH Design Awards showcase the best of healthcare building design, healthcare planning and healthcare design-oriented research. The awards highlight the trends of healthcare facilities and the future direction of these facilities. Projects should exhibit conceptual strength that solve aesthetic, civic, urban, and social concerns as well as the requisite functional and sustainability concerns of a hospital. The AIA/AAH will recognize the firms for their contribution to the healthcare environment. Find out more and submit your project.

Recent Communications

Academy Update

View in browser | Published by the Academy of Architecture for Health Knowledge Community

Blueprints for Senior Living

View in browser | Published by the Design for Aging Knowledge Community

News & Discussions

One Month Left to Win an iPad2: Complete Your AIA KnowledgeNet Profile

"Complete Your Profile" and you could win an iPad2! Complete your AIA KnowledgeNet profile by December 12, 2012 at 12:00 PM Eastern Time and submit the entry form via e-mail to be entered to win one 16GB iPad2 with Wi-Fi.

Double Your Chances by Contributing Content to the Site! Once your profile is complete, add five (5) pieces of content to the site and enter a second time. Eligible content includes blog entries, discussion forum posts, and library entries. Learn more on the iPad contest page.

James Walbridge AIA of Tekton Architecture featured on ABC 20/20

ABC 20/20 ran a segment on their weekly program titled "Extreme Commutes", which features CRAN member James Walbridge, AIA. This October 7-9th, James Walbridge was filmed for three days going through his typical Lincoln, Nebraska to San Francisco, California commute. The "Extreme Commutes" segment was aired November 9th and is now available online at ABC 20/20's website: There are a collection of stories highlighted in the show and Mr. Walbridge will be one of several individuals profiled in the "Extreme Commutes" segment. 

If you'd like to send kudos his way, consider tweeting @TektonArchitect including the hashtag #2020workplace via @ABC or comment on his firm's Facebook page at

How do we get started off right?

"Rand has done a good job of getting this started. We need to make certain that the goals of the client are well defined (not just the architect's interpretation), as well as the goals of the contractor and design team. Each party needs to be aware of what will make the project a success for all. Many times this may require a teaming session with project leadership from the client, contractor and design team....especially if the project is delivered in a design-bid-build method." Read more and join the discussion.

Guildhood, Free Agents, and the Public Interest

"All of us that love residential architecture should have the same education and standards.  Any of you that find this a worthy goal should start thinking of how we could slowly implement the only intentional solution in sight.  Any other solution leads to more dissolution and fragmentation of interests.  Within 20 years, residential architects would compete among peers, in a market free of both the marginally competent and the rent-seeking. 

We might improve the environment and help save the planet, too." Read more and join the discussion.

THIS is why only licensed architects should be designing homes

"Hurricane Sandy leveled and squashed thousands of people's homes.  If architects and engineers had designed them they would be more standing today.  Less loss of life, less heartache, less loss of insurance payoffs.  It usually takes people dying to change building codes and state laws.  Here's a good reason to change the laws in all 50 states now.  I know I design the homes I design to resist hurricanes and high winds beyond those indicated in the code books.  It takes responsible LICENSED REAL ARCHITECTS to do things like this.  CRAN and AIA: here's a good time to get this going." Read more and join the discussion.

NFPA 285

"The Chapter 26 code language requiring compliance with NFPA 285 is as follows:

"2603.5 Exterior walls of buildings of any height. Exterior walls of buildings of Type I, II, III or IV construction of any height shall comply with Sections…"

…therefore in my reading it is not limited to non load bearing curtainwall assemblies. When product reps say their products meet NFPA 285 what it should mean is that they have an ICC Evaluation Report showing the results of their product's inclusion in a successful 285 test and precisely delineating the assembly's composition as tested."  Read more and join the discussion.

File server options for mobile team

"Does anyone have suggestions for a better mousetrap that combines the file-locking capability & security of VPN with the accessibility of Dropbox-type cloud systems? Or, perhaps my VPN system is the culprit and could be sped up?" Read more and join the discussion.

Get your copy of An Architect's Guide to Integrating Energy Modeling in the Design Process

The AIA Energy Modeling Practice Guide serves to not only demystify energy modeling in general but also to provide tips and information that will help architects to better discuss energy modeling; the assumptions, the process, the tools and what the output means to potential design decisions - with their engineers, energy modelers, consultants, contractors, code officials and clients.

Written and assembled by a committee of architects, sustainability experts, and government building science officials, as well as AIA staff, the guide surveys a wide swath of the building design and construction industry to present baseline best practices for empirically evaluating the energy performance of buildings.

Everything You Need to Know: AIA Contract Documents for Small Firms

Risk management and effective contract administration are crucial for small firms and sole practitioners. The Small Projects family of AIA Contract Documents provides comprehensive contract documents that can be used on residential projects, small commercial projects, or other projects of relatively low cost and brief duration, to protect the project and interests of all parties. In addition, the AIA publishes numerous other agreements and guides that are useful to small firms, including the recently published AIA Sustainable Projects documents and the AIA Guide for Sustainable Projects.

Join us as we discuss the various AIA contract documents that may be of interest to small firms and sole practitioners, how to use them effectively, and resources available to make contract administration more efficient. Hear from experts as they discuss common challenges small firms face and how to use appropriate contracts to properly allocate risks and responsibilities to achieve a successful project- to the benefit of all project participants, building inhabitants and the general public. View the recorded presentation.

Free Continuing Education Webinars

BY-RIGHT/BY-DESIGN: Los Angeles Housing Designed & Developed
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Designing Residential Ventilation for Indoor Air Quality and Thermal Comfort
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