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Park Plaza Synagogue in Chicago
Park Plaza Synagogue in Chicago

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The AIA Interfaith Design (ID) Knowledge Community encourages and supports excellence in the design of worship spaces and their accoutrements. Interfaith Design is an association of professionals whose primary interest is religious facilities in a broad array of traditions. We value an interfaith forum for the exchange of ideas relating to religion, art, and architecture. Join us!

Interfaith Design: Chair Welcome

By Michael L. Janaskie AIA posted 04-24-2023 03:09 PM


Welcome members and allied professionals. This year, I am serving as Chair of the AIA Interfaith Design Knowledge Community. I would like to recognize our past Chair Douglas Hanson, FAIA (2022) and his great leadership. Over the last several years we have navigated challenges, survived COVID lockdowns, and refined our direction.

This current year finds us in full post COVID mode and has enabled this year’s theme of Traction to strongly roll out. We will host the International Religious Art & Architecture Awards Program & Reception (a long-standing tradition) at the AIA Conference in San Francisco on June 8. Our Design committee is working to institute a design competition for faith facilities with a focus on revitalization and/or adaption to create new design solutions. Our Membership committee is looking to fortify and add interested members to each committee (maybe this is your year to get involved?). Media/Knowledge is exploring content for live courses and expects to provide 1-2 this year with the additional goal of AIA credits. Our development committee is seeking to revamp our fund-raising efforts and raise $10,000 this year ideally through sponsor companies that can support us year after year. The funds will enable the leadership to explore additional offerings and resources for the benefit of all. Lastly, we realize that there is a lot to offer with the unique design outcomes seen in faith environments. Therefore, we plan to submit later in the year to offer a session at the 2024 AIA Conference in Washington, DC. 

Please join us as we look to continue to add value to our members this year and can get there much faster with your involvement!


Michael L. Janaskie, AIA