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The National Associates Committee (NAC) dedicated to representing and advocating for AIA’s associate members in AIA’s national, state and local chapters. Associate members automatically become part of this AIA KnowledgeNet community.

FAQ: Who can be an Associate AIA member? Membership at the Associate level is open to people with a professional degree in architecture, those working under an architect or enrolled in AXP, or faculty. Learn more.

FAQ: What is a young architect and what is an emerging professional? Young architects are architects licensed up to ten years of initial licensure, and the name does not have any relationship to age. Emerging professionals are professionals who have completed their academic studies up to the point of licensure or up to 10 years after completion of their academic studies. Although young architects are now defined as distinct from emerging professionals, many components refer to these groups similarly. For example, a local YAF group may include emerging professionals and a local Emerging Professionals Committee may include young architects.

Current NAC Advisory Committee

By Libertad M. Harris AIA posted 01-22-2024 11:50 AM

Chair 2024 Libertad Lauren Harris, Assoc. AIA
Vice Chair 2024 Darral Tate, Assoc. AIA
Associate Representative to the AIA Board of Directors 2024 Tannia Chavez, Intl. Assoc. AIA
Associate Representative to the AIA Strategic Council 2024 Alyanna Subayno, Assoc. AIA
At-Large Director 2023-24 for Advocacy Courtney Prentiss, Assoc. AIA
At-Large Director 2023-24 for Knowledge Marsha Miller, Assoc. AIA
At-Large Director 2024-25 for Climate Action Cooper Moore, Assoc. AIA
At-Large Director 2024-25 for Value Katie Cherrier, Assoc. AIA
At-Large Director 2024 for Strategic Partnerships Kari Lawson, AIA
CACE Liaison 2024 Ingrid Spencer
Staff Liaison Kathleen McCormick