CRAN at the 2012 Knowledge Leadership Assembly

By John J. Isch AIA posted 08-14-2012 01:06 PM


The AIA’s Knowledge Leadership Assembly (KLA) was held last week at the Fairmount Olympic in Seattle. Members of the Advisory Group (AG) from each Knowledge Community (KC), AIA staff and leadership as well as representatives of the Board Knowledge Community (BoKnoCo) all attended this event to participate in workshops and discussions focused on how the KC’s can deliver content to their members, coordinate their efforts with each other and engage the emerging professional (EP).

While KLA was taking place at the Fairmount Olympic, CACE (Council of Architectural Component Executives) was holding their annual event at the nearby Pan Pacific, giving everyone an opportunity to establish how the various groups and levels of the AIA can work together to spread knowledge and better serve all members of our community.

CRAN had seven AG members in attendance, including David Andreozzi, Mark Demerly, Bud Dietrich, John Isch, Luis Jauregui, Drew Porth, and James Walbridge. Over the course of two days, that carried on into the evenings, we were able to:

  • coordinate with AIA staff on our upcoming webinar series;
  • get feedback from BoKnoCo on our proposed sessions for the 2013 national convention;
  • start planning for our 2013 Santa Fe symposium;
  • develop a plan to engage an EP on our AG;
  • develop a plan for publishing residential designs by CRAN members ;
  • agree to team up with the Small Project Practitioner (SPP), Housing and Small Firm Round Table (SFRT) KC’s on journals, webinars and other activities.

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