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The Practice Management Knowledge Community (PMKC) identifies and develops information on the business of architecture for use by the profession to maintain and improve the quality of the professional and business environment.  The PMKC initiates programs, provides content and serves as a resource to other knowledge communities, and acts as experts on AIA Institute programs and policies that pertain to a wide variety of business practices and trends.

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Thanks for attending our Practice Management Luncheon!

By Emma Tucker posted 05-20-2022 10:21 AM


Thank you for attending the Practice Management Luncheon today! We are honored that you have chosen to spend part of your A'22 with us!

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Practice Management Digest: several times a year we publish a Practice Management Digest, a series of articles arranged around a topic of interest. Our most recent issue was on the topic of Business Transitions (June 2022) - check it out! >

Best Practices: PMKC collaborates closely with the Best Practices committee to continuously improve access to practice resources. These are reserved for AIA members, and share what your peers have found to be best practices in their own firms. Check them out! >

Relationships: PMKC maintains relationships with several partner organizations, including sharing content from The AIA Trust, hosting educational sessions/workshops with AIAS (students), and collaborating with other AIA National groups. 

Get involved! PMKC welcomes the opportunity to work with new volunteers every fall. If you are interested, please look out for our volunteer recruitment period around September - we'd love to help you get engaged!

We're also always looking for new writers and speakers! If you're interested in contributing or learning more, send us an email at - include "PMKC" in the subject line!

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