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AIA Small Project Design (SPD) Knowledge Community supports, celebrates, and promotes small projects by engaging designers and the public.

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By Brian D. McLaren4 AIA, CAE posted 12-31-2017 00:00


2017 SPP Review recipients - Coming soon

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2016 Small Gesture, Big Impact

A look inside the 2016 year for the American Institute of Architects Small Project Practitioners (SPP). Showcasing the winners of the 2016 SPP Awards: Small Gesture Big Impact, the 2016 Pop-Up Competition: Tactical Urbanism, a personal essay by Meryati Blackwell, as well as the many endeavors of the SPP community. The review provides an in-depth look into the power of Small Gesture Big Impact in architecture and beyond.

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2015 Pleasure

A visually stunning look at the 2015 year for the American Institute of Architects Small Project Practitioners (SPP) group. Covering the 2015 SPP Awards, the 2015 Pop-Up Competition, and a wide scope of member projects, the review provides an in-depth look into the impact of small projects in our lives. Exploring the theme of Pleasure, the 2015 SPP Awards showcases some of the most innovative and inspirational projects across the nation.

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Out of Scale

This publication covers ten years of the AIA Small Project Awards program. Enough time has passed to meaningfully revisit and showcase previous award winning work, and to provide a record for us to take stock of the evolution of the Small Project Awards program as a whole. Organized into four chapters—Objects and Pavilions, Houses, Details, and Adaptive Reuse/Interiors—this book reveals that small projects have properties, uses, foci, and contexts that are distinct from architecture that operates at larger scales.

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