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The Interior Architecture Knowledge Community (IAKC) is committed to advancing the practice of Interior Architecture by providing its membership with resources to elevate their professional practice and design excellence. We serve to facilitate a national dialogue that addresses a range of key issues, including innovative design and programming, the incorporation of sustainable materials and technologies, and the social, cultural, and spatial impact of architecture on human experience. IAKC seeks to address national issues with regional sensitivity, providing a platform for its membership to share knowledge, gain expertise, and form collaborative relationships with industry peers and allied partners. Join us!

Research and Resources

By Brian D. McLaren AIA posted 12-31-2017 12:00 AM


Archi Times & A+I
Monthly publication from Pakistan, covering the current news, events and latest happenings in the field.

Architect's Newspaper
Source of information on the latest projects and commissions, unfolding politics and debate, current events and cultural developments related to architecture.

Architectural Digest
Magazine with broad spectrum of topics, including interiors inspirations, architecture design, shopping sources, celebrity home styles, and more.

Architectural Record
Editorial mix of design ideas and trends, building science, business strategies, exploration of key issues, news products and computer-aided practice.

Architecture Plus
Dubai-based leading region's architecture and design magazine.

Architecture Week
Magazine of design and building, with news and features on architecture, construction, digital media, and building culture.

A vibrant network of peers, fans, and potential clients

Daily newsletter with architecture, design and construction news stories from around the world

Architecture and design magazine featureing today's most creative projects as well as the most influential of the past.

Profiles international designers and architects, reports on major trade fairs in North America and Europe, presents innovative projects, materials, products and ideas.

Premier UK magazine taking a parallel approach to the different design disciplines, reflecting a belief that fashion, product, furniture and architectural design can share ideas.

Green studies, materials, and information

Canadian Architect
Features articles on current practice, building technology, and social issues affecting architecture.

Contract Magazine
Devoted to commercial interior design and architecture in US.

De Zeen Installations
Economic, social, and environmental performance indicators (EPI)

De Zeen Interior
Online magazine selecting best interiors projects from around the world

Design Build Network
Web site for the design and build industry with information on current architecture and construction projects.

Design Hunter
Architecture blog and design magazine featuring architecture, interior design and landscape design with warmth, texture, sustainability and beauty.

Design Intelligence
Design Futures Council's magazine delivering original research, commentary, industry news, and instructive best practices.

Design Range
Website covers current news in the design community in UK by providing tips and advice on how to get the most out of your design business

The only magazine dedicated to charting the continuing expansion of single-source delivery

Delivers intelligent coverage of modern residential architecture and design by presenting examples of well-designed spaces that integrate the residents and their ideas and values.

Latest news in sustainable design

Environmental Design & Construction
Magazine devoted to green building industry.

Environmental Product Declarations
A standardized and LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) based tool to communicate the environmental performance of a product or system

FORM: pioneering design
Bi-monthly architecture and design magazine featuring news from emerging talents in architecture, interior, landscape, furniture, product design and materials.

Frame Magazine
International interior architecture and design magazine focusing on retail, exhibition, leisure, and workplace design.

A blog focused entirely on architectural and interior design ideas. This blog also features how-to guides for space management

FX Magazine
Keeps you updated to the latest developments in the industry of workplace designing, architecture and more with latest news and events.

Harvard Design Magazine
Features essays, images, discussions, book reviews, and recent projects.

Healthy Building Network
Green Building studies, materials, and information

Hinge Magazine
Architecture and design magazine from Hong Kong with a focus on directed tower design.

weblog showcasing cool stairs from around the world

UK magazine focusing on the best buildings, interiors, furnishings and fittings.

Evidenced based design research

Interiors and Sources
A large selection of commercial designs including corporate, education, institutional, healthcare, hospitality, public spaces, and retail

Interiors and Sources
Magazine dedicated to critical commercial and residential interior design and architecture issues.

Interiors Resources
ASID update and IIDA bulletin projects including technology, education, and competition

Japan Architecture + Urbanism (ja+u) is a monthly architectural journal with in-depth commentary on the theoretical history and context of Japanese architects' works.

Italy-based international architecture magazine. Presents international projects, essays and the study of the relative standards

Metro News - Los Angeles
Latest architecture news around Los Angeles area

Metropolis Magazine
Examines contemporary life through design--architecture, interior design, product design, graphic design, crafts, planning, and preservation.

NeoCon Conference Proceedings
Presentations from the Neocon 2,011 Conference

On Site
Publication on architecture, urbanism, landscape, material culture and infrastructure.

Polar Inertia
Tells the story of the highway, mobile home, fast food chain, suburbanite, truck stop and industrialized landscape. Find short stories, photography, and essays

Online magazine featuring creative decorating ideas and latest interior design trends.

Research Design Connections
Evidenced based design research

Residential Architect
Provides home builders with home building news, home plans, home design ideas, and building product information.

Scandinavian Architecture
Monthly magazine about architecture, design, engineering, construction and real estate in Scandinavia.

Sector News - Civic
Latest architecture news in civic

Sector News - Commercial
Latest architecture news in commercial

Sector News - Education
Latest architecture news in education

Sector News - Healthcare
Latest architecture news in healthcare

Sector News - Residential
Latest architecture news in residential.

Sector News - Urban Design
Latest architecture news in urban design

Australian magazine featuring global architecture and building news, project reviews, eco products, brochure libraries, architect directory and architect profiles.

weblog showcasing cool stairs from around the world

Sustainability Performance Indicators (SPI)
Economic, social, and environmental performance indicators (EPI)

Traditional Building
Provides resources for commercial, civic, institutional, and religious building projects.

WAN Awards
Info regarding WAN Awards, which is one of the world's largest architectural awards programme.

WAN Jobs
Job listings in architecture industry that could be browsed by location or job title.

WAN Podcasts
Podcasts by experts and professionals in architecture industry about various latest hot topics in the industry

Workspace Design
Online magazine dedicated to workspace design

World Architecture News
The leasing digital publisher to the global architectural community. This online news features the latest news in architecture industry all around the globe, job listings, and even podcast

World Interiors News
Launched as part of World Architecture News (WAN), is now leading major resource for the latest international interior design projects and innovative design products. It's filled with breaking news, job vacancies, a book store, event listings, expert comments and interior projects and products from all around the world

All online architecture and design magazines

Green Building and Sustainable Architecture Reference Manual
Green building and sustainable architecture program based on standards by California State

Weblog devoted to the future of design, tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future.

Inhabitat - Architecture
Weblog consists of entries related to architecture.

Inhabitat - Sustainable Architecture
Weblog consists of entries related to sustainable architecture

Inhabitat - Interiors
Weblog consists of entries related to green interiors

An international design and architecture portal focusing in porcelain stoneware for contemporary architecture, exclusive interviews with great masters of international architecture and the most interesting new developments in the world of architecture.

FLOORNATURE - Biographies
List of some architecture profiles or firms and their biographies

FLOORNATURE - Product Finder
Search tool to help find the best flooring and finishing materials for any project

Apartment Therapy
Magazine blog about how to design the interior of an entire house, how to live in small spaces and great ways to brighten up a house. The beautiful photography features complete rooms, sets of pillows, DIY furniture and crafty ideas anyone can imitate easily

TreeHugger is the leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream. It publishes an up to the minute blog, weekly and daily newsletters, twice-monthly radio interviews, and more

green architecture notes
Web-based sharing community that enables leaders in the sustainability movement to share their knowledge. It also provides resources for finding organizations, products, materials, and information useful to furthering the green architecture movement

Architecture Week - Product Update
List of new architectural products with full description of the products and the main website of each product

One of the largest architecture websites with around 16,000 pages. The concept is to provide information on new buildings

Illuminate Magazine
A quarterly publication serving architects and lighting designers. Illuminate is a visual resource for visual readers with a desire to explore lighting effects and a need to understand how to archive that effect

Architectural SSL Magazine
A quarterly publication focused on the develop- ment, application, specification and design merit of LEDs and solid-state lighting through- out the built environment. It guides architects, owners, electricians and other who need to keep pace with the ever expanding and fascinating options created for application to non-residen- tial and residential design

The Continuing Architect
The new industry standard in online architectural continuing education. TCA serves the all-important continuing education need by delivering free information as architects prefer to receive it, visually, simply, intuitively and completely - Architecture
List of architecture museums around United States of America including the links to each of the museum's website

Architectural Products
Magazine that focuses on products in products of architectural market. It is solely focused on providing product and product application information to architects, designers and product specifiers involved in commercial and institu- tional building designs

International Architecture & Design
Editorial publication featuring the finest contemporary architecture and interior design from across the globe. IADmagazine

Interior Design
The universal study profile of interior architecture among other professions

Architect Magazine
The magazine of the American Institute of Architects



Design Bureau



Architectural Review


Design Observer

Cool Hunting