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Emerging Professionals need resources to support their successful practice of architecture. In March 2011, the Small Firm Round Table identified the preparation of a firm toolkit for emerging professionals as one of its primary objectives. SFRT is leading the volunteer effort, with support from the AIA Knowledge Communities, to guide the transformation, consolidation and republication of best practices for establishing and operating an architecture firm. SFRT will be collecting documents under six major categories:

1. Advancement of the Profession
2. Career Advancement
3. Value of Design
4. Starting your own Firm
5. Value of Licensure
6. Economy & Change

The collection of this knowledge has the potential to not only serve as a valuable resource to emerging professionals, but also redefine the architecture profession.

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Resource Archive for Small Firms

Kermit Baker of the American Institute of Architects on strength in the Architect industry.


The Small Firm Round Table focuses on the needs of small firms and is charged with reviewing the existing benefits and services offered by the AIA. Our mission is to further the special and unique interests of architects practicing in small firms and architects as sole practitioners by working with and through the American Institute of Architects. Secondly, it is to act as a central body to promote the creation, and to facilitate and coordinate the efforts of additional Small Firm Round Tables at the component level.

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2010 Small Firm Round Table Forum Videos


Jeff Potter, FAIA - 2012 AIA President
Jeffrey Rosenblum, FAIA and Michael Stanton, FAIA
Richard Capshaw, Esq.
Steve Stephanides, Beazley Group
Duane Repko, Victor O. Shinnerer & Company
Guy LeVan, XL Insurance
John Willard, Zurich A/E
Bradford Russell, AIA
Lisa Stacholy, AIA

Convention Small Firm Exchange

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Resource Library

2015 Small Firm Roundtable Directory

The mission of the AIA Small Firm Round Table is...

Social Media as a Tool for Small Firms

From Hanley-Wood’s ARCHITECT Live at the 2012 AIA National Convention in Washington, DC. AIA members Jane Frederick, Bud Dietrich, Kristin Capps, Adi Tatark, and Lira Luis gave a presentation on social media as a tool for small firms.

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    Small Firm Award Winners

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