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The Regional and Urban Design Committee (RUDC) aims to improve the quality of the regional and urban environment by promoting excellence in design, planning, and public policy in the built environment. This will be achieved through its member and public education, in concert with allied community and professional groups. Join us!

The Future of Streets 

10 days ago

The Future of Streets
Recorded Tuesday, May 17, 2022 | 60 Minutes
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Emerging technology in forms of mobility and transportation such as autonomous vehicles, e-scooters, and mass transit are impacting the way we live, work and experience our cities. This panel examines the future of our streets and how our city policies, technology, and street design are shaping our future mobility.
This conversation panel is hosted by the AIA Regional and Urban Design Committee (RUDC) and is part of PANELS, the fifth in an annual series of the AIA RUDC conversations on the future of urban design. This series brings together practitioners, educators, and theorists to reflect on the dynamics of population movement and speculate on its impact on contemporary urbanism. Hosted by AIA Regional and Urban Design (RUDC).

Steve Wilson, AIA, AICP (Chair, RUDC Advisory Group)
Senior Associate, Cities and Urban Design, North Central Region Lead at Gensler

Marwah Garib (RUDC Advisory Group)
Urban Designer + Planner

Joe Iacobucci
New Mobility Practice Leader and West Coast General Manager at Sam Schwartz

Shin-pei Tsay
Director, Global Cities and Transport Policy

David Vega-Barachowitz
Associate Principal at WYX

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