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2019 Differentiating between QA and QC 

06-13-2019 15:28

In casual conversation, we often use terms imprecisely. We assume—usually correctly—that the people we’re talking to understand what we mean, even though we aren’t quite saying what we mean. For example, architects often say “CA” or “construction administration,” even though architects don’t administer the construction; they administer the construction contract. The correct terms, construction contract administration, and CCA are slowly gaining traction in the industry (note that the AIA has a CCA Knowledge Community). But even those of us who know better often find ourselves saying, out of habit, “construction administration” and “CA,” and that’s not likely to change soon.

Sometimes, however, our imprecise use of terminology can lead to misunderstandings and even add to our professional risk. For example, it’s not unusual to hear architects ask, “Who is doing QA/QC on this project?” or “Our QA/QC person is our second pair of eyes,” as though “QA/QC” is a thing. But it’s not a thing; it’s two quite different things.

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