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Decor Delights by TaNauna Bunch. 

11-16-2019 14:35

This is a book for the outdoorsman or woman. There are fun projects for the cabin , (I say cabin because there are lots of moose, bear, and a few snowmen and Americana thrown in). There are 43 pages (5 color) containing 20 plus projects. Let's hit the great outdoors - grab your brushes and get started.

On page 2 is a fun shirt with a moose and pine tree design, livingroom designs, the caption is "Northwoods Blessings". A similar design is done on a basket with a wooden lid-Mr. Moose stands among the pine trees. Cute for the picnic. A tissue box holder with a moose, canoe, and birds is just the thing for the "Outhouse" and the cute wooden based oil lamp would give lots of light. There is a photo frame with cutout pine trees , a moon and some bears. To keep the rest of the photos together is a cute photo album cover with Mr. Moose, A penguin, and their friend the snowman posing for a photo. A fun way to display your photos. (There are designs for both a small and a large album cover.) Mr. Moose shows up again on the side of a candle with a cute night-time design with trees and stars. Cute.

Moving to the kitchen there is a box to hold the salt and pepper shakers-that goes with the spice cabinet with these designs on the side-Bear, Canoe, Tree and stars, and a patchwork. Another tissue holder with a bear, and the same patchwork on the side goes well with the cabinet, as do the set of coasters with similar designs, (moose, moon & stars, cabin and pine trees. The final in the "woodsy" set of designs is a box with a standup moose cut out on the back.

There are snowmen in this book too and here they come. A sweet box with snowman design on the front of a drawer would be great for all those odds and ends. A winter wreath saying "Winter Welcome" is done with a snowman and pine tree and has a more primitive feel in the design than the others in the book. A can candle holder has a fun snowman on the front with his house in the background. Cute for a little gift. The last in this set is a wreath with a wooden candle in the center that has a light bulb fixed to the back and it really lights up. The saying is "I'm Dreaming of a Cabin Christmas" Clever.

Lastly is the Americana stuff. A sign that says "" is decorated with hearts and stars. To go with that is a fun Americana mouse pad with a flag, moose and fireworks. And similar to that design is a basket with a wooden cover with a flag, moose and pine tree design.

This is a fun book for those who love the outdoors. The designs are cute and look to be fun to paint. The instructions are good and even a beginner could achieve great results. The colors lean to the darker Americana type palette and work well together. So...if you are a woodsman or have a cabin to decorate grab this one!

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