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The mission of the Building Performance Knowledge Community (BPKC) is to increase building performance related to occupant comfort and health, and to the function, durability, sustainability, and resilience of buildings.
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Bim model Created using a Plug in for Sketchup called PlusSpec. By Andrew Dwight 

07-23-2013 11:14 PM

Here is an example of how the PlusSpec plug in we created does walls, floors and windows. All information visible will create a quantity or a smart component that can be altered, replaced, estimated and soon will have embodied energy. There has be no rendering done as yet and the model is still incomplete. It is at the stage a feasibility study can be done and at the stage where collaboration can start between client, contractor and engineer. It is difficult to get an appreciation of eh detail for these screen shots. It is just and example of what we do.

#TechnologyinArchitecturalPractice #TechnicalDesignforBuildingPerformance #CorporateArchitectsandFacilityManagement #ConstructionContractAdministration #SketchupPlugInforcommercialandresidentialcollaboration #PlusSpec #ProjectDeliveryKnowledgeCommunity

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