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The Construction Contract Administration Knowledge Community (CCA) has been established to help our members better understand the issues, actions and resultant impact of the decisions required in this often neglected part of Project Delivery. It is our goal to provide clear answers to issues of concern to the Institute’s membership and share case studies and best practices. We further hope to provide guidance and direction in developing guidelines for new and evolving approaches to Project Delivery as well as guidance in the continuing education of our emerging young professionals.


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2016 Beware of substitutions dressed in RFI or submittal clothing 

08-29-2016 12:39 PM

By Bill Schmalz, FAIA, and Yu-Ngok Lo, AIA Most architects know that a substitution, an RFI, and a submittal are distinct things, each with its own relationship to the owner-contractor agreement. Neither RFIs nor submittals should be used to change the design intent. Substitutions can, when approved by the owner, result in changes to the design intent and usually in change orders. This simplified distinction sounds clear, no? And yet substitution requests have ways of disguising themselves as RFIs and submittals, and the on-site architect needs to be on the lookout for this. [Download the PDF to read more]

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By Bill Schmalz, FAIA, and Yu-Ngok Lo, AIA