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The AIA Housing and Community Development Knowledge Community (HCD) is a network of architects and allied stakeholders that promotes equity in housing, excellence in residential design, and sustainable, vibrant communities for all, through education, research, awards, and advocacy.

Architecture for the Future of Public Housing 

09-25-2023 12:29 PM

What is the future of public housing in the U.S.? How can architects and residents work together to improve existing homes and create new ones? In collaboration with residents of the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), Peterson Rich Office (PRO) has produced a creative proposal for preserving public housing through adaptive reuse. Their work was recently featured at the Museum of Modern Art. Join PRO and NYCHA Tenant Association leader Felicia Gordon to learn about their collaborative process, PRO’s design proposal, and where we might go from here.
In 2017, the American Institute of Architects declared access to housing a “fundamental right.” The webinar is part of a series produced by the AIA Right-to-Housing Working Group. In each episode, we ask: “What does the right to housing mean in practice?” and “How can architects contribute?” 

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