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The AIA Technology in Architectural Practice Knowledge Community (TAP) serves as a resource for AIA members, the profession, and the public in the deployment of computer technology in the practice of architecture. TAP leaders monitor the development of computer technology and its impact on architecture practice and the entire building life cycle, including design, construction, facility management, and retirement or reuse.


2012 webinar: 5D BIM: Design Costs Analysis 

07-27-2012 05:57 PM

The use of computer technology has allowed designers to explore inspiring and radical design ideas. And, when these ideas are presented to clients the designers are challenged with “Can this world-class architecture be constructed within the project budget?” Surely computer technology can assist designers to monitor predicted construction costs? Surely computer technology can automate the tedious task of measuring, counting and organizing design components for cost estimating? This webinar explores the challenges and successes of using BIM for predicting construction costs through a series of three presentations provided by Corey Sanders of Beck Technology, Ken Roberts of Project Time & Cost, Inc. and Don Henrich of Vico Software.

This presentation is a part of the ongoing AIA Technology in Architectural Practice webinar series.

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