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3D Redering Role in Modern Architecture 

07-05-2018 21:04


One of the challenges that real estate developers face is the marketing of unbuilt property. These buildings are born in the imagination of architects and this is something that is hard to translate into reality. A 3D artist can help bring this into reality. By creating 3D renderings, the 3D artist can solve a plethora of problems. Great rendering can entice investors to finance the project and can get potential buyers excited about the prospect of owning a beautiful property in the future. Thus, this makes real estate marketing much easier.

Architect are more interested in designing a building that is beautiful and efficient, but not everyone can has the technical abilities to understand what a plan will look like in reality. Most people do not have the imagination necessary to envision a beautiful building from the drawing. With the help of 3D, many building that are not yet built can be viewed. A 3D artist usually models the building and then follows the instruction of the architect and lays the textures on the model.  With the advancement of technology, the renders are becoming to more and more realistic. Sometimes it is hard to discern between real pictures and actual renders. 

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