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Topic: Lavatory counts 

1.  Lavatory counts

Posted 04-20-2017 17:59
Hello All ---
As a bit of an aside to fixture counts, I'd like to suggest a couple of ideas, that might live-or-die on available space, and/or budget, and/or Owners' attitudes:
1.    Neutrals:
Have a couple of the now-rising "gender neutral" lavs, with the two ancient, circular gender-symbols combined-into one.  Sometime the sign outside says "Family" (not my idea of a picnic spot...).  These are generally "one-holers" w/ both w.c. and urinal, along w/ the lavatory fixture.  My guess would be, have these equal 10% of your count, BUT ---
2.    How to take 10%?:
To keep the authorities happy, depending on locality, it might be good, if feasible, to NOT have the "Neutrals" included in your base figure of 100%.
3.    Remember baby:
Have changing-tables in ALL ("110%") of lavs.  Recently, I've seen these in men's rooms, occasionally in use as I'm there.  Daddy, not only Mommy now, can be out w/ the baby, too.
Thanks ---
william j. devlin aia, inc.,
Springfield, MA