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Manual Drafting

  • 1.  Manual Drafting

    Posted 08-03-2017 14:26
    Hooray for Manual Drafting

    Tried both AutoCAD and manual, but in a one man office it is hard to keep up with the technologies of architectural practice and everchanging electronic changes.

    Does anyone have a source for the "Merlin" cartridges used for making Titles, Room Names, etc.??

  • 2.  RE: Manual Drafting

    Posted 08-04-2017 20:41
    ah, Merlin ... we used Kroy, spin-the-wheel ...

    Look at eBay.  Or, look into some of the labeling units sold at office supply stores.  Not sure if the font would be as tall as you might like.

    Next step is to figure out the text that you use A Lot and make up a master page, then copy those onto peel-and-stick transparent material for the diazo printer.  Be sure to use spray-fix (or hair spray) so the "ink" doesn't transfer to the back of the sheet above it in your storage.

    If, on the other hand, your material is being reproduced by a large document copier, all you need is the text.  Find the font you like, compose all of the text, print it on your printer, slice it out and "magic" tape it down.  Voila.

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