October 2016

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Small Firm Exchange
SFx Scan: October 2016
  101 Small Ways You Can Improve Your City    Case for Disaster Relief  

Community. "A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals." We as architects have impact well beyond the walls of our offices and confines of our projects. Our work has the power and potential to impact communities at a greater scale. This SFx Scan edition presents a curated a collection of stories from ways designs can shape our greater environment to resiliency within communities struck by disasters. We hope you enjoy the selection and welcome your the feedback.

  It seems like the time is now, more than ever, to convince local and state officials how important these issues of resilience and disaster preparedness really are. Is the profession, and the rest of the country, ready to push for change?  
Community Improvement Best Houses of 2016 Need for Design Thinking
Have you ever seen a problem in your community that could benefit from a design opportunity? Are you inspired to serve the underserved in your city and make a tangible impact through design? A small project can make a big impact, and a single design element can set the tone for large projects. These awards highlight the value of every contribution to a project and showcase standard-setting small projects, regardless of size and budget. Before people care about how much you know, they need to see how much you care. With that in mind, architects need to demonstrate their capabilities and contribution to an organization or community before being seen as an asset and a resource.

  Expansive or Expensive?   From AIA Kinetic   AIA Trust Small Firm Solutions  
  Klaus Philipsen, FAIA explores economist, Issi Romem's, theories on and tackles the question: "Does Sprawl make Housing More Affordable?   Volunteering has the potential to advance professional development and boost us along in our career even more than what is possible at our jobs. Make the most out of volunteering and maximize its benefits with this piece from the AIA Kinetic   Responding to and recovering from an emergency situation or disaster is a dynamic process. What could be an inconvenience to a large national firm may destroy the operations of a smaller firm.  
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