August 2016

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Small Firm Exchange
SFx Scan: August 2016
   Welcome from Rob Walker, Small Firm Exchange Chair »    From AIA Kinetic »  
  The AIA Small Firm Exchange is a conduit of information linking small firm practitioners and design professionals to knowledge that strengthens their practice and professional careers—advocating for small firms within the AIA and in outside organizations and agencies, promoting leadership in Small Firm professional development and practice, and facilitating and supporting the local component round tables and small firm networks.   With a constantly growing collection of succinct, 250-word articles, AIA Kinetic covers the breadth of essentials of architecture practice.  
How to Build a Small Firm » Don't be left out »  AIA Small Project Awards »

The founders of a startup firm explain how to be bold, make connections, and craft a brand from the ground up.

We will all benefit from knowing more about Small Firm Models for architectural practices. Please fill out the attached AIA SFx Small Firms Survey. "Small Gesture, Big Impact," intends to recognize projects that make a noticeable impact with measured and thoughtful gestures through architecture.
  Innovative Small Firm? »    The AIA Trust takes on Digital Practice Risks »  
  AIA’s Technology in Architectural Practice Knowledge Community teams with some of the most important technology leaders to recognize the intersection of data and design.   The AIA Trust new white paper, “BIM Me Up, Scotty: Navigating Risk in Digital Practice” focuses on how to successfully manage your digital practice risks. While there has not yet been a proliferation of claims, risk management can and should be preemptive. This paper looks at risk assessment and the risk sensitive areas of the BIM process. A BIM Execution Checklist is provided to guide BIM users.  
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