MADCAD solutions for small firms


A new solution for small firms

In the US, there are more than 14,000 small architectural firms with fewer than ten architects. Many of these smaller companies find that access to codes can be severely limited due to the expense of maintaining a genuinely comprehensive library. This ends up costing real time and money when buildings are not designed to code, permits are not granted on the first try, or errors inevitably come up during construction., a leader in providing codes and standards online for the AEC industry, is addressing this problem with the launch of a new initiative to provide affordable, comprehensive libraries to SFx members, with the goal of helping small architectural firms better support compliance and safety.

In collaboration with AIA,’s new offering brings small companies together, builds groups of up to 40 architects across many small firms, and creates shared virtual libraries. This will give SFx members affordable access to a comprehensive library of up-to-date codes and standards, which has typically been attainable only by large firms.

Here’s how it works:
Like a physical library, in MADCAD’s digital library each user checks out a book to view it. Although an add-on feature is available to those who wish to allow multiple viewers to review the same book at the same time, the basic plan assumes that each book is available to one user at a time; however, all 40 users of this library can technically be viewing different titles within the library at the same time.

MADCAD has pulled together the most frequently used codes and standards into two packages for AIA small firm members. Both libraries include titles from major SDOs. State codes can be added as needed, and local amendments are free of charge. Learn more about a special offer for AIA members at

Brought to you by the Small Firm Exchange, an AIA Member Group.