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2019 Differentiating between QA and QC

In casual conversation, we often use terms imprecisely. We assume—usually correctly—that the people we’re talking to understand what we mean, even though we aren’t quite saying what we mean. For example, architects often say “CA” or “construction administration,” even though architects don’t...

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2019 Words have power

By Eric O. Pempus, FAIA, ESQ., NCARB, ORSA Misuse of terms in agreements and other construction industry documents include referring to a design professional as a “Contractor,” and misusing the word “all” when it has the effect of expanding the subject in a sentence. Download as a PDF below,...

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2018 An architect's field reports

By Michael Plottel, FAIA, LEED AP Download as a PDF below, or read it online > #ConstructionContractAdministration #CCAWhitepaper #WhitePapers

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2018 Informed Consent

By Bill Schmalz, FAIA Download as a PDF below, or read it online > #ConstructionContractAdminstration #CCAWhitepaper #WhitePapers

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2017 Delay claims

By Bill Schmalz, FAIA Download as a PDF below, or read it online . #WhitePapers

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2017 Site Photography

By Eric O. Pempus, FAIA As they become “generally familiar with the progress and quality of the Work,” architects customarily, although not required under the standard agreement, use photography (either photos or videos) to document work on the site. Let's talk about what to photograph and...

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2017 Submittal Triage

By Bill Schmalz, FAIA Although submittals are rarely matters of life or death, architects can use the triage concept to facilitate submittal review. Within a day of receiving a submittal, you should give it a quick, cursory review using this provided list of questions to determine your next...


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Does it Really Matter? What Does the Project Delivery System Bring to the Success or Failure of the Project?

This whitepaper was authored by Jeffrey Appelbaum and presented at the 2012 American Bar Association's Forum on the Construction Industry. In just over 20 pages, this article provides a very useful summary of the key factors that characterize the most common project delivery methods. Appelbaum...

ABA_Project Delivery Paper 2012-04-26.pdf