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2019 CRAN® Symposium

2019 CRAN ® Symposium Scottsdale, AZ September 11-15, 2019 Hotel Valley Ho Registration will open July 3rd. #Conferences #WalkingTours

 09-11-2019 08:00 - 09-15-2019 17:00 MT
 Scottsdale AZ

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Voices in Venice: Team USA in ‘Olympics’ of Architecture

In a similar fashion as the leading international sporting events, the Olympic Games that alternate with the Summer and Winter Games, the architecture world has its own version embodied in the Venice Architecture Biennale . As with the Summer Game, it occurs during the summer in the northern...

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Nansen Park: Abandoned Airport Becomes A Delight

What would you do if you found yourself with an abandoned airport on 1000 acres of formerly beautiful land surrounded on three sides by a fjord--AND it's on the outskirts of a city which also happens to have a housing shortage? If you're the city of Oslo, Norway, you might determine to sell...

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2015 COD Norway Conference Itinerary Highlights

This is a list of prospective projects we will be visiting during the 2015 COD Conference in Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger, Norway taking place June 21-30.IntroductionThe Norway conference will be arranged so you can attend all three sections, the first two, or the last two. There are international...

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