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Letter from 2018 Chair: Upcoming CRAN events

Welcome to Spring 2018 It is my pleasure to serve as the chair of CRAN for 2018. For the past 3 months our Executive Committee and Advisory Group have been busy organizing various activities for 2018. Please go to our homepage to stay up to date with our events and other news. Our...

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Voices in Venice: Team USA in ‘Olympics’ of Architecture

In a similar fashion as the leading international sporting events, the Olympic Games that alternate with the Summer and Winter Games, the architecture world has its own version embodied in the Venice Architecture Biennale . As with the Summer Game, it occurs during the summer in the northern...

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What is Credit Score and How To Maintain It?

Banking is something that’s now an inevitable part of life. It is more like a chore to a business. Hence, it becomes important for the customers to maintain a good share of their credibility for the bank to score them good while helping them with loans. Taking one of its aspects, let’s talk...

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What Is The Significance of Customer Services in Higher Education?

In any business scenario, customer support service bears great significance. At the moment, various conventional higher education institutions are not able to generate enough revenues and they are constantly in search of ways that can help them to do more with less resources. The best...

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COTE Scholar Papers

Since 2008, the AIA Committee on the Environment (COTE) has proudly offered the COTE Research Scholarship. This program asks one selected student to conduct research and studies on a particular topic related to sustainable design – both at the building and community scale. The scholar spends the...

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DFAR12: Worman's Mill Village Center

This is a virtual CCRC; it is also, in effect, a naturally encouraged retirement community. it is a collaboration between a for-profit developer and an architect who shared the same vision of the future of senior living. #DFAR12 #SpecialProjects #DFA #CaseStudies #BestPractices ...

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DFAR12: The Friendship House at Royal Oaks

In mid-2011, discussions began regarding how to improve the environment in a secure area of a care center servicing dementia residents. This wing includes two halls of resident rooms: one being part of the original 1983 build, the other an addition in 1994. In 2006, a renovation was completed...

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