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From Garage to Big Apple: Could Apple have been created in its amazing new headquarters, or did it somehow need the garage?

Apple Computer started in the garage of Steve Jobs’ parents’ house, where Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne developed the first Apple computer, based on Wozniak’s prototype. Apple's garage startup was preceded many years earlier when Hewlett Packard set up their first workshop in a garage,...

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Designing the Building as a Learning Tool

Recently, here in Australia, the New South Wales Government has developed a ten year plan to upgrade the state’s education infrastructure to meet growing population demands. [i] They aim to make significant changes to the way that their educational facilities are designed to deliver 21 st ...

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Human-Scale Schools: Engaging the Neighborhood and Welcoming the Community in Washington DC

In 2016, Washington D.C. set out to modernize 100 of its 113 schools by 2022, expanding the District’s focus of preservation, place-making, and community investment. Twenty-five of these schools have had no building improvements since they were opened, and many were built during the first half...

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Daniel Rollet - CAE Spring Conference 2017 | AIA Knowledge Scholarship Recipient

With a population equal to that of Washington DC, Portland shares many similarities with Washington D.C., as it has one of the highest walkability scores, has a large community of bicyclists, and an expansive network of public transportation. Similarly, there is also a significant focus on urban...

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Putting STEAM into STEM: Design for Creativity

In what has become the most popular TED talk, Sir Ken Robinson asks “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” “My contention,” he says, “is that creativity now is as important in education as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.” All children are born artists, Robinson notes, but we get...

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Campfires, Holodecks, and Schools: New Paradigms for 21st Century Learning Environments

“Schools began,” according to the architect Louis Kahn, “with a man under a tree who did not know he was a teacher, sharing his realization with a few others who did not know they were students.” Kahn’s return to essentials provided a powerful stimulus for his architecture. Kahn’s return to the...

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Photographic Overview of the Berlin Conference Tour Sites

Download the presentation of the sites with imagery below. You can also See the locations of those sites on this map. #Conferences #RegionalandUrbanDesignCommittee #CommitteeonArchitectureforEducation

Berlin Overview.pdf