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The Design of Safe, Secure & Welcoming Learning Environments

On October 19, 2018, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Committee on Architecture for Education (CAE) summit brought together architects, policymakers, students, educators, school administrators, law enforcement and building code officials, mental health experts, and others to examine...

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Leapfrog From Disaster Symposium Recap

Christmas bells were ringing. The sights and sounds of the yuletide season greeted me as I made my way through notorious Manila traffic that evening. Except, this was on the eve of Halloween and on that week, the anniversary of one of the strongest and deadliest tropical cyclones ever recorded,...

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'40 Women To Watch Over 40' Honoree to speak at Leapfrog From Disaster Symposium

Melissa Sterry , this year's honoree in the ' Forty Over 40 ' List, will be a speaker in the Leapfrog From Disaster Symposium. describes the list as one that "recognizes both the wisdom that comes with age and the potential for later achievements. It rewards innovation and...

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Visualizing Glare

Reducing Lighting Load through daylight harvesting is key to achieving 2030 challenge, but daylight harvesting without glare control - huge problem. So how do you communicate your glare control strategy? #Charrettes #CommitteeontheEnvironment #CaseStudies #Workshops #VisualizingGlare ...

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