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The Public Architect as City Builder Workshop

Flickr/ Eric Haglund By Lee Solomon, AIA April 26, 2017 | AIA Convention, Orlando Florida Every year the AIA Public Architects Advisory Group sponsors a full day Workshop on the day prior to the start of the Annual AIA National Convention. This year the theme is &ldquo...

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What is Credit Score and How To Maintain It?

Banking is something that’s now an inevitable part of life. It is more like a chore to a business. Hence, it becomes important for the customers to maintain a good share of their credibility for the bank to score them good while helping them with loans. Taking one of its aspects, let’s talk...

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2016 Public Architects Workshop Resources

Resources for the Public Architects Workshop WE203 - Architects, Public Architects, and P3 Development: Innovation, Challenges, Lessons Learned #Tips #Presentations #Development #publicarchitects #CaseStudies ...

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