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Trends That Are Shaping The Future Of Architecture

We always try to look towards the future in architecture. After all, those that manage to come up with innovations are cherished like no others and are seen as important figures in this industry. The problem is that many of the new trends that are developed are normally largely optimistic. They...

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Voices in Venice: Team USA in ‘Olympics’ of Architecture

In a similar fashion as the leading international sporting events, the Olympic Games that alternate with the Summer and Winter Games, the architecture world has its own version embodied in the Venice Architecture Biennale . As with the Summer Game, it occurs during the summer in the northern...

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What Is The Significance of Customer Services in Higher Education?

In any business scenario, customer support service bears great significance. At the moment, various conventional higher education institutions are not able to generate enough revenues and they are constantly in search of ways that can help them to do more with less resources. The best...

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Adding Client Value with Building Energy Modeling - What Architects Should Do!

Tuesday, November 18th @ 3pm EST Design excellence includes evaluating alternatives for creating high performance buildings. Building energy modeling should not be limited to a few special projects due to complexity it should be just a part of the everyday design process. This discussion will...

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