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Courtroom Design Can Influence Judicial Process

Author’s Title: Architects of Justice: The Politics of Courtroom DesignAuthor: Linda MulcahyYear of Publication: 2007Purpose: This referenced position paper discussed design parameters for the courts in England as mandated by the Court Standards and Design Guide (2004) and their influence on...

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A Holistic Analysis of Safety within the Court Facility

Author’s Title: Reconceptualizing Security Strategies for Courts: Developing a Typology for Safer Court EnvironmentsAuthor: Anne Wallace, Deborah Blackman, and Emma RowdenYear of Publication: 2013Purpose: This qualitative study developed a new typology to analyze and improve safety in the...


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Negative Effects of Isolating Juveniles in Correctional Facilities

Author’s Title: The Harmful Use of Isolation in Juvenile Facilities: The Need for Post-Disposition RepresentationAuthor: Sandra Simkins, Marty Beyer, and Lisa M. GeisYear of Publication: 2012Purpose: This study examined the negative effects of isolating juveniles in correctional facilities and...


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Impact of Live Link Video Testimony on Court Architecture

Author’s Title: The Unbearable Lightness of Being? Shifts Towards the Virtual TrialAuthor: Linda MulcahyYear of Publication: 2008Purpose: This referenced position paper examines the impact of witness testimony via live video (“live link”) on traditional legal procedures, judicial process, and...

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Inmate Health and IAQ in Correctional Facilities

Author’s Title: Indoor Air Quality Investigation and Health Risk Assessment at Correctional InstitutionsAuthor: Joseph OfungwuYear of Publication: 2005Purpose: A study was conducted on the interior and exterior air quality at a correctional facility in New Jersey, which was located on a...


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Relationship between Prison Conditions, Inmate Characteristics, and Suicide

Author’s Title: Deprivation, Importation, and Prison Suicide: Combined Effects of Institutional Conditions and Inmate CompositionAuthor: Meredith Huey DyeYear of Publication: 2010Purpose: This study used secondary data to investigate the combined effect of prison conditions (level of deprivation...


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Alternatives to Isolating Prisoners with Severe Mental Illness

Author’s Title: Beyond Supermax Administrative Segregation: Mississippi’s Experience Rethinking Prison Classification and Creating Alternative Mental Health ProgramsAuthor: Terry A. Kupers, Theresa Dronet, Margaret Winter, James Austin, Lawrence Kelly, William Cartier, Timothy J. Morris, Stephen...


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Health and Safety Implications of Nighttime Artificial Lighting

Author’s Title: Report 4 of the Council on Science and Public Health (A-12): Light Pollution: Adverse Health Effects of Nighttime LightingAuthor: David Blask, George Brainard, Ronald Gibbons, Steven Lockley, Richard Stevens, and Mario MottaYear of Publication: 2012Purpose: This referenced...