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MOVING TO AN INTERNATIONAL PRACTICE: Small, Medium, Large—Guidance for All Practices

Power point presentation from the workshop at the 2013 AIA National Convention in Denver, Colorado. #internationalpractice #Guides #Workshops #internationalwork #BestPractices #internationalmarkets #overseas #Presentations

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Focus Search - The GOI has moved on, but we need to be aware of renewed attempts to limit access Architecture in India—what we learned • Not all sectors created equally: “best prospects” such as education, healthcare v. single-family dwellings • Suitability for mission: not an evaluation of architectural ability Trade Missions— How we and you plan Next steps • 2014: back to India and Sri Lanka? • Searching out new opportunities and addressing market access barriers together • The AIA-ITA partnership continues Trade Missions— How we and you plan BUSINESS WAS BRISK India Mission October 2012 20 COMPANIES India Mission October 2012 The U.S