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Public Interest Design (HKC Free Webinar Series)

Public Interest Design is a quickly growing sector of the practice of Architecture. For the last ten years, evidence has been growing that this type of practice is growing and becoming an important means to serve those who have been traditionally not had access to the benefits of design. Specific projects and people have shown that design can address the most critical social, economic and environmental issues faced in the world today

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Focus Search - HKC Public Interest Design FINAL

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SEED: Social/Economic/Environmental Design

Public Interest Design is a quickly growing sector of the practice of Architecture. SEED provides Public Interest Design with a professional standard of ethical practice through a clear mission and step-by-step process. This presentation discusses how to convert mission and principles into design-based action, a new tool, the SEED Evaluator

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Focus Search - SEED Certification has established a trustworthy method for the public, community organizers, civic leaders, designers, and funders to confirm the public interest aspects of design projects

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Wisdom from the Field - 2011 Latrobe Prize

The 2011 Latrobe Prize, awarded to a group of architectural researchers for their study titled, “Public Interest Practices in Architecture” has completed their research and published the findings

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PID KC Application Requirements

These files provide guidelines for the establishment of a national AIA KC, and an example template utilized a few years back for the Retail and Entertainment KC. #Tips #publicinterestdesign #CommitteeonDesign #Guides #ExecutiveSummaries #kc #Research #BestPractices ...

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Focus Search - We will provide a vehicle for the facilitation, documentation and indexing of that dialogue for the use of everyone. · Provide examples of how quality retail design promotes more livable communities through the creation of places that engender and reinforce a sense of community, to assist members and their clients in promoting high quality retail design. · Promote the creation of new knowledge through selected research projects of particular interest and use to the retail design community

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PMKC Digest: 2017 Issues

April 2017: Greening Your Practice: Sustainable business practices and easy ways to incorporate sustainability into your projects ( Read online ) July 2017: Pro-bono work/public interest architecture: Socially conscious design and how architects can give back to the community ( Read online ) September 2017: Tips for training employees: Perspectives on the methods and benefits of employee training ( Read online ) The next issue of the Practice Management Digest will investigate “Presentation strategies: Improving skills related to public presentations and client interviews.”

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Focus Search - Q2 (July) 2017 Digest: Pro bono work and public interest architecture

Dynamics of Mixed-Income Communities (Free Webinar)

Practitioners and academics will consider efforts required to build mixed-income communities, expectations for neighborhood change, technical issues including income mix percentages, shared amenities, and the physical design of market and affordable housing. This June 10, 2013 presentation is the first in the Housing Knowledge Community's new public interest webinar series and is sponsored by the U

 06-10-2013 | 12:00 - 13:00 ET

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Notes from the Project Delivery Symposium at the Texas Society of Architects 72nd Annual Convention

The following PDF is a compilation of my notes from the Project Delivery Symposium at the Texas Society of Architects 72nd Annual Convention. #DesignBuild #IPD #P3 #PublicPrivatePartnerships

PD symposium notes.pdf

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2012 Public Architects Workshop Handouts

Enclosed are the PAW agenda, speaker bios and session handouts. #Airports #PublicArchitectsCommittee #GSA #Workshops #publicarchitects #2012Convention #PAW #Workshop #USCapitol #Schools #Presentations #Interns

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Focus Search - PA400 How Design Excellence is making New York.pdf...

AIA COVID-19 ArchMap

Help public officials, building owners and businesses transition Americans safely back into offices, stores, restaurants and schools during the COVID-19 pandemic by utilizing the problem-solving skills of architects and other experts who will create innovative design solutions to alter buildings for new spatial requirements