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Project Profile: Burnside Residence

We were given the opportunity to name the road that leads to the Burnside residence, which sits on a 25-acre property. We named it “Sendero de Luz”, or “Path of Light” – an apt description of the underlying theme of the house. Its orientation on the ridge, the nature of the fenestration, the...

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Project Profile: 2sons acres modern farmhouse

This new residence is located on top of a hill on 10 acres of a densely wooded private neighborhood. Through a lengthy process the design focus of this 4,300 sf home was to provide a modern house that captured the spirit of a traditional farm house. The representation of the elements is...

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VIDEO: Creating a Project Profile on AIA KnowledgeNet

Add a profile of your most the profile from your own website...Update and resubmit your project profiles...may submit their project profiles to the


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Creekside Cabin - Santa Rosa, Ca.

Beautifully situated among shady firs and redwoods, the layout of this 1920’s shingle-style cabin nonetheless precluded views to the nearby boulder-strewn creek. Stringent regulations limited new construction to only “previously disturbed” riparian areas around the existing cabin and no more...

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The Firm of the Future: Big Picture Trends Shaping the Future of Architecture Firms

Yogi Berra’s wisdom that “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future,” points out the reality that nothing is more important to the leadership of architecture firms in these tumultuous times than stepping back from the day-to-day struggle, scanning the horizon, and taking the...

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Does it Really Matter? What Does the Project Delivery System Bring to the Success or Failure of the Project?

This whitepaper was authored by Jeffrey Appelbaum and presented at the 2012 American Bar Association's Forum on the Construction Industry.In just over 20 pages, this article provides a very useful summary of the key factors that characterize the most common project delivery methods. Appelbaum's...

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Design-build best practices and white papers

The Design-Build Institute of Americas has published a series of Design-Build Best Practices for both public and private construction as well as Federal procurement. Understanding the Best Practices and developing implementation strategies based on the best practices leads to improved project...

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Maximizing Success in Integrated Projects – An Owner’s Guide

This Guide is the result of a multi-year research project that looked at factors that enhanced team integration, which in turn lead to improved project performance on integrated projects. The research was a follow-up to the seminal 1997-1998 Penn State/Construction Industry Institute, which...

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