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Delivery Methods (PDKC Free Webinar Series)

Description: Interest in alternate project delivery methods is growing as the traditional design-bid-build method is giving way to other delivery methods that provide better outcomes. Integrated delivery transforms the once adversarial relationship between owners, designers and builders into an alliance that incentivizes common goals and encourages collaboration and efficiency from the outset. Integrated project delivery (IPD) requires a highly responsive and interactive team that, due to the pending concurrency of design and construction, must work together intensively, especially during the initial project design phase. Organizations should have multiple delivery models to respond to specific project requirements and conditions — not a one-size fits all strategy

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2018 Project Delivery Symposium: Delivering the Future

On March 6, the AIA Project Delivery Knowledge Community held their first Symposium, Delivering the Future, at the AIA National Headquarters in Washington, DC. This one day event provided an interesting overview of how project delivery methods have evolved to their current state and how they might evolve into the future

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A New Concept in Practice: Leading the Delivery Process

This webinar was sponsored by the Project Delivery Knowledge Community on AIA KnowledgeNet. Recognizing a need for change to address demands for more efficiency, project complexities and sustainable results, the AEC industry is slowly transitioning to more integrated project delivery methods, fostering more collaboration

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IPD: Performance, Expectations, and Future Use

A Report On Outcomes of a University of Minnesota Survey Effective project delivery meets or exceeds owner’s expectations for schedule, cost and quality. There is an emerging body of research that shows more collaborative/integrated delivery is more likely to lead to successful outcomes and high-level team performance. Within that context, this survey takes a snapshot of current perceptions of effectiveness on projects using multiparty agreements, the most formal and contractually binding of the integrated delivery methods. Conducted by the University of Minnesota and sponsored by Canada’s Integrated Project Delivery Alliance, the goal of this survey was to understand the current state of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

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Does it Really Matter? What Does the Project Delivery System Bring to the Success or Failure of the Project?

In just over 20 pages, this article provides a very useful summary of the key factors that characterize the most common project delivery methods. Appelbaum's concluding note, that "...a deliberate project delivery evaluation and selection process be conducted at the outset of every project..." is helpful advice to architects as they guide their clients through the design and construction process

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Maximizing Success in Integrated Projects – An Owner’s Guide

The Guide is intended to assist owners in developing the right project delivery strategy to maximize integration and improve project outcomes. The research discovered that there is a blurring between project delivery methods, but that projects with a singular contract (Design Build or IPD) typically outperform projects with multiple, split contracts such as hard bid or CM at Risk

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Design-build best practices and white papers

Progressive Design-Build combines the benefits of design-build (DB), including single-point of accountability, with the benefits of construction-management-at-risk (CMAR), including preconstruction services and owner input throughout the project execution.This delivery method offers many significant benefits to an owner over traditional delivery methods, such as design-bid-build

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Focus Search - Over the course of his career, he has helped countless owners realize the benefits of integrated project delivery