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Case Study: Can A Nightclub Designer Really Make Life Better For The Poor?

It describes the work of Brazilian designer Marcelo Rosenbaum and his pro bono work to address his country's poverty problem

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PMKC Digest: 2017 Issues

April 2017: Greening Your Practice: Sustainable business practices and easy ways to incorporate sustainability into your projects ( Read online ) July 2017: Pro-bono work/public interest architecture: Socially conscious design and how architects can give back to the community ( Read online ) September 2017: Tips for training employees: Perspectives on the methods and benefits of employee training ( Read online ) The next issue of the Practice Management Digest will investigate “Presentation strategies: Improving skills related to public presentations and client interviews.”

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Focus Search - Q2 (July) 2017 Digest: Pro bono work and public interest architecture