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The Firm of the Future: Big Picture Trends Shaping the Future of Architecture Firms

This webinar will examine “megatrends” that are profoundly influencing what successful design firms will look like in the future, including: * Demographics: the most powerful, pervasive—and maybe predictable—of all forces * Projects: the beginning of a wave of sweeping changes in project delivery * People: the impending labor shortage—in quantity and quality—as well as generational challenges and opportunities * Transitions: both leadership and ownership that will challenge firms far into the future Learning Objectives After participating in this webinar attendees will: 1

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Focus Search - AIA PMKC Webinar December 3, 2013 Kogan & Company 11 Your Leaders Leadership succession challenges will translate into ownership transition hurdles § Many entrepreneurial boomer founders with concentrated ownership § More sellers than future buyers § Many post-boomers lack financial capacity, interest, and are risk averse § Sellers need more buyers for broadened ownership & increased value of firms § Will contribute to industry consolidation The Industry 1973 1997 2002 2008 2011 Compound Annual Growth Rate Source Total U.S