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Moving Design IV: Outdoor Learning Environments

Creating healthy landscapes that connect classroom learning with natural play environments is a growing movement in schoolyards across the world...Connect healthy learning opportunities with healthy outdoor environments 3

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Focus Search - In this section, the guidelines are grouped in two sub-categories: 2.1 2.2 2.3 Environment and society Skills for analyzing and investigating environmental issues Decision-making and citizenship skills Strand 1: Questioning, Analysis and Interpretation Skills An important component of environmental literacy is understanding the processes and systems that comprise the environment, including human social systems and influences

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Outdoor Learning Environments Handout (CAE Free Webinar)

Description: This session looks at the cultivation of outdoor classrooms as essential to 21st century education. Architects, garden educators and researchers will provide insights, objectives, and practical steps for envisioning, planning and constructing successful outdoor learning experiences...

Handout CAE Cultivating Outdoor Classrooms.pdf