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Volkswagen Group of America U.S. Headquarters

When Volkswagen, the second largest auto manufacturer in the world, decided to relocate their US Headquarters from two buildings in Detroit to a new iconic building in Herndon, VA they selected VOA to develop and execute the design. From the outset, VOA worked closely with Volkswagen to create a unique design representative of their new culture, to enable them to attract top caliber talent to their new facility while providing a platform for their brand. After determining Volkswagen’s programmatic requirements and analyzing their work patterns, VOA developed a flexible design solution that improved the company’s workplace efficiency, reducing the square footage by 50% and accommodates a 30% growth increase

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IBM Dulles Station West

To meet the demands of an increasingly virtual 21st century workforce, IBM sought to establish new offices in Herndon, Virginia, which would be designed to allow and support flexibility in employee work patterns and schedules. The design team implemented IBM’s new e-workplace guidelines, an initiative intended to develop a new workplace aligned more closely with the mobile work patterns of IBM employees while increasing employee satisfaction and connection to the organization, improving space utilization and reducing overall real estate costs

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