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The Business Case for the 2030 Challenge

engaging energy modeling, daylighting modeling...and comfort modeling during the design...environmental quality. Understanding that modeling...investment in modeling and tracking energy

2030 business case handout.pdf

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BIM for Lifecycle Management: Bootcamp for Architects, Contractors, and Engineers

Overview:Owners lament: I’ve been given BIMs from our latest project. What do I do with them?This workshop helps BIM practitioners provide answers to this vexing question posed by owners.The workshop begins with a study of the latest research data on the BIM ecosystem. Novel approaches in BIM...

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Focus Search - management into the AEC business model. • Review

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PMKC Digest: 2017 Issues

Read through the 2017 Issues of the Practice Management Digest! This library entry will be updated as new issues are released. April 2017: Greening Your Practice: Sustainable business practices and easy ways to incorporate sustainability into your projects ( Read online ) July 2017: Pro...

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More Wisdom of the Ages: Business Development

AIA Practice Management Knowledge Community continues a free Webinar series with its continued in-depth look at the issues and challenges of business development. This webinar explores best practices for measuring your firm’s success and includes results from a survey conducted during...

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Focus Search - firms with the design-build model to avoid