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Project Management Series: Project Work Planning - the process of planning and executing a project

The purpose of this presentation is to present the process of project work planning and the elements of a good plan. All projects, large or small should have a project work plan and certain characteristics will be common across project size and scope. The use of the appropriate level and...

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PMKC Digest: 2015 Issues

Management Digest.Looking for past issues? View...the Practice Management archives to read

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Focus Search - sponsored by the AIA Trust Quality Management

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PMKC ArchEx 2011 Promotion

Join PMKC at ArchEx 2011 for a provocative, inspirational program of seminars that will challenge existing paradigms about the practice of architectre in the coming decade. #ArchEx #PMKC #Conferences #conference #PracticeManagement #PracticeManagementKnowledgeCommunity

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PMKC Digest: 2019 Issues

Practice Management Digest! Use the links to... Practice Management Digest are, talent management, and architectural...practice management that you'd like explored or

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