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2015 COD Norway Conference Itinerary Highlights

We will then visit new projects, with their architects, to learn how the evolving culture is influencing today's architecture and design

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Focus Search - Color Code: Green: Travel Red: Site visits Blue: Meals OSLO and BERGEN Day Date Time Activity Sunday 6/21/2015 9:00 am Arrival, check-in hotel 6:00 - 10:00 pm Snøhetta office Dinner (smorgasbord and drinks) Monday 6/22/2015 8:00 am Bus from hotel and all day Hedemark 8:30 am Reception at NAL 10:30 am- Departure Josefines gate, bus to Hamar 12:15 pm Arrival at Hamar 12:30 pm Projects in the Hamar area: Hamar city hall Hedmark Museum House by Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk 2:00 pm Box Lunch Lecture Current work in Norway 4:00 pm Return to Oslo Projects on the way: Gjerdrum Secondary school Mortensrud Church Optional: Bøler Church 9:00 pm Back in Oslo Dinner on your own Tuesday 6/23/2015 8:00 am Bus from hotel to AHO (Oslo School of Architecture) Tour School - Lecture 8:30 am Lecture Børre Skodvin/Knut Hjeltnes 10:30 am Projects by foot: Norsk Design (DOGA) Signal Mediahus 12:30 pm Lunch on your own at Mathallen 1:30 pm Projects in the city center: 2:00 pm City Hall 3:00 pm Arkitekturmuseet Gyldendal forlag 4:00 pm Opera 8:00 pm Dinner with emerging design professionals Wednesday 6/24/2015 8:00 am Bus from hotel to NAL 8:30 am Reception at NAL 9:00 am Lecture Reiulf Ramstad 10:30 am Bus - projects near Oslo: Power House Kjørbo Split House, Asker Asker Mortuary 2:00 pm Box lunch 3:00 pm Projects near Oslo by bus: Brick House Nansen Park Statoil 8:00 pm Dinner on your own Thursday 6/25/2015 7:00 am Bus from hotel to Bergen Projects on the way: Cabin, Hønefoss Viken Skog Headquarters, Hønefoss 1:30 pm Lunch at Geilo Aurland Overlook Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall, Norheimsund Hardanger Retreat 8:00 pm Arrival in Bergen in the evening 9:00 pm Dinner on your own Friday 6/26/2015 8:00 am Walk from hotel to office 8:30 am Lecture on the history of Bergen 9:30 am City walk: Grieghallen: Art Museum Bryggen (Old wharf area) 1:00 pm Lunch Bryggen Tracteursted 2:00 pm Bus - projects outside the city centre: Fire Station Dental School Student Housing Grønneviksøren Technical University 8:00 pm Reception at 3RW courtyard with local architects Dinner on your own Saturday 6/27/2015 8:00 am Walk from hotel to office 8:30 am Lecture on new Bergen architecture 9:30 am Projects by bus: Wernersholm Housing Fantoft stavkirke - Stave church Enebolig Konow 1:00 pm Box lunch Ullsog Søreide skole or other school S House Knarvik church 7:30 pm Departure by boat Dreggekaien, Skur 8 8:00 pm Dinner on your own at Holmen Cornelius restaurant 11:30 pm Departure Holmen STAVANGER- add on Day Date Time Activity Sunday 6/28/2015 7:30 am Bus and ferry to Stavanger Projects on the way: Svandalsfossen (between Sauda and Ropeid) 1:00 pm Box lunch Zinc Mine Allmannajuvet (Sauda) Ropeid Ferry Terminal (between Haugesund and Stavanger) Høse Bridge (between Haugesund and Stavanger) 8:00 pm Arrival in Stavanger Dinner on your own Monday 6/29/2015 8:30 am Walk from hotel Walk through Old Stavanger 9:00 am Stavanger Concert Hall, skylight 9:15 am Culture House 10:00 am Lecture by Alexandria Algard in auditorium 11:00 am Valbergtårnet 2 Houses at Sølvberget (Helen & Hard) Finns Bakery Library/Kulturhus 1:00 pm Lunch in culture House cafeteria w/roof terrace 2:00 pm Walk to Geoparken 2:30 pm Bus to Helen & Hards office Lecture by Helen & Hard (45 min) 3:30 pm Bus - pass by Støperigaaden Sjøkvartalet Ostehuset Café - rest stop Oransjeriet (Vinner av Stavanger Kommunes Byggeskikkspris 2014) Siriskjær (Norwegian Wood project - MIPM Award winner 2015) 7:00 pm TUU center and petcha kutcha dinner with emerging professionals Tuesday 6/30/2015 8:30 am Bus all day - visit outskirts of Stavanger Bus to Grødalandstunet 9:30 am Grødalandstunet - guided tour Villa by the Ocean at Hellestøstranden 11:30 am Sola Ruin Church - guided tour 12:30 pm Statoil Guest House - lunch at beach 1:30 pm Skadbergbakken Housing Rundeskogen Residential Towers Marilunden (Grashaugeien 20, Godeseth, Forus) I Park Reception Building, Ullandhaug Farmhouse Dalaker/Galta - Rennesøy 8:00 pm Dinner on your own at Utstein MonasteryOSLO Vikingskipshuset - Viking Ship Museum City Hall by Arnstein Arneberg and Magnus Poulsson Villa Dammen by Arne Korsmo and Sverre Aaland Schreiner House by Sverre Fehn Hedmark Museum in Hamar by Sverre Fehn Crematorium by Carl - Viggo Holmenbakk Oslo International School by Jarmund Vigsnaes Mortensrud Church by Jenson + Skodvin Two houses by Knut Hjeltnes Power House by Snohetta Gjerdrum Secondary School by Kristen Jarmund Fornebu Felt 6.0 Townhouses by Lund Hagem Recycle Center by Reiulf Ramstad Opera House by Snohetta Nansenparken (new park) by Bjorbekk & Linheim BERGEN Bryggen - UNESCO World Heritage Site Fantoft Stave Church Enebolig Konow (house) by Frederick Konow Lund Kunstmuseum - functionalist building, 1930 Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek Aurland Lookout by Saunders and Wilhelmsen Two houses by Todd Saunders Gronneviksoren Housing by 3RW Arkitekter Steiner School by 3RW Arkitekter Soreide Skole by Asplan Viak Steinsdalsfossen tourist stop by Jarmund Vigsnaes Fire Station by Stein Halvorsen Dental School by Kristen Jarmund Knarvik Church by Reiulf Ramstad Technical University by HLM Arkitecktur STAVANGER Ovre Strandgate, old city Sola Ruinkyrkje, reconstructed by Louis Kloster Utstein Kloster, monastery Solvberget Stavanger kulturhus by Lund og Slaatto Tou Scene, renovation by Helen and Hard Svandalsfossen Waterfall - stair by Haga & Grov Ropeid Ferry Terminal by Jenson + Skodvin Zinc Mine Museum by Peter Zumthor Farmhouse Dalaker/Galta by Knut Hjeltnes Rundeskogen Housing by Helen and Hard House by Element Arkiteckter Stavanger Culture School by Asplan Viak Statoils gjestehus by Haga & Grov Fleksible byboliger (housing) by Alliance arkitekter Marilunden (housing) by Eder Biesel