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Community Engagement in Design for Law Enforcement

Community history, culture and resident aspirations are core to the development of vital neighborhoods. The principles of community policing are founded in the full participation of community representatives in the design process. A Case Study of Toronto Police Service Divisions 11 and 14,...


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In Transition...Balancing Community and Law Enforcement

This case study will explore the challenges and successes of community-involved design and how an engaged public helped to successfully inform its surroundings for a new police station and government center. #Conferences #AcademyonArchitectureforJustice #2012AAJConference ...

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Synergy: Community-Friendly Facilities / Community-Oriented Policing

This session will explore the design of police stations as social centers within their communities, and the commensurate reinforcement of community-oriented policing policies. Utilizing current projects as case studies (including the 2012 JFR Citation-winning Ft. Worth Neighborhood Police...


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Repurposing Existing Buildings for Essential Services Operations

Facing economic shortages, counties are choosing to repurpose commercial buildings for essential services operations. This session will explore the planning and design processes of this approach, and the associated benefits and challenges for programming, operations, and security. #Conferences...


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Tapping a Community’s Soul & Spirit: The Tolleson Police & Court Center

In this session, the Police Chief, Project Designer, and Public Safety Planner will discuss the process of discovering one proud community’s unique culture, history, and aspirations to “honoring the past while repositioning the future” and how community engagement informed the design of their...


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AIA-AAJ 2011 Conference: LEED-J: Developing a Sustainability Rating System for Justice

Justice facilities have unique challenges and opportunities for achieving sustainability. Building on the AA J Sustainable Justice Committee’s 2011 “Green Guide for Justice” and informed by the LEED for Healthcare rating system, this work session will be an opportunity to review and discuss a...

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