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Community Engagement in Design for Law Enforcement

Community history, culture and resident aspirations are core to the development of vital neighborhoods. The principles of community policing are founded in the full participation of community representatives in the design process. A Case Study of Toronto Police Service Divisions 11 and 14,...


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In Transition...Balancing Community and Law Enforcement

This case study will explore the challenges and successes of community-involved design and how an engaged public helped to successfully inform its surroundings for a new police station and government center. #Conferences #AcademyonArchitectureforJustice #2012AAJConference ...

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AIA-AAJ Conference 2011: Evolution of a Design: Prototypes | Police Stations

This session will illustrate how the development and implementation of a simple and iconic prototype for the Colorado State Patrol inspires creative design solutions in larger law enforcement facilities

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Commerce at the Gate, Modernization of the Otay Mesa Border Crossing with A Tale of 2 Cities

The tale in this case is a study of how a joint Canadian/US law enforcement facility embraced dialogue with the history of the past and present community and achieved design excellence through a open design competition/delivery process

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Focus Search - “A TALE OF 2 CITIES” CANADIAN PLAZA AT THE PEACE BRIDGE “A TALE OF 2 CITIES” CANADIAN PLAZA AT THE PEACE BRIDGE “A Tale of 2 Cities” Canadian Plaza at the Peace Bridge Border Crossing between Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada and Buffalo, New York, USA “A TALE OF 2 CITIES” CANADIAN PLAZA AT THE PEACE BRIDGE Canada “A TALE OF 2 CITIES” CANADIAN PLAZA AT THE PEACE BRIDGE Fort Erie Buffalo Lake Erie Niagara River “A TALE OF 2 CITIES” CANADIAN PLAZA AT THE PEACE BRIDGE “A TALE OF 2 CITIES” CANADIAN PLAZA AT THE PEACE BRIDGE • Border Crossings administer and enforce the Federal laws of entry and exit of people and goods between countries. • Parallel administration agencies of both countries include: Canadian Border Services - United States Bureau of Customs and Border Protection Immigration - Immigration Customs - Customs Food and Agriculture - Food and Agriculture Duty Free - Duty Free Commercial Brokers - Commercial Brokers “A TALE OF 2 CITIES” CANADIAN PLAZA AT THE PEACE BRIDGE • Community is recognized at a number of levels including: Fort Erie - Buffalo Ontario - New York Canada - USA • The Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority (PBA) is a joint Canada/US International entity established by both Federal Governments. • The PBA is governed by a 10 member Board, 5 members from New York State and 5 members from Canada. • The PBA was established in 1923 “A TALE OF 2 CITIES” CANADIAN PLAZA AT THE PEACE BRIDGE • The Peace Bridge was opened in 1927. • The Peace Bridge today is a 3 lane bridge with a centre bi- directional lane. • The Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority funds the operation by tolls for passenger and commercial vehicles, revenues from duty free operation and commercial brokers operation

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2016 Conference - Presentation Powerpoints

The previous two conferences tapped directly into national and local cultural shifts as they directly relate to justice architecture. This year, the conference theme arced high with best practices, enabling broad input from our continuously evolving specialty, emphasizing the critical areas and...

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Focus Search - Courts Track; Thursday at 9:45am

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AIA-AAJ 2011 Conference: Best Value - Alternative Delivery Methods

This session will focus on two unique alternative delivery methods for civic projects: First, the California AOC ’s first Design Assist project, a court-set renovation in Fairfield, CA . The project included new accessible courtrooms, holding, chambers, and support space in an existing...

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AIA-AAJ Conference 2011: Accessibility for Justice Facilities

This session will focus specifically on accessibility for court, jail, and prison facilities. It will also stress the value to owners and users of good universal design practices while promoting good design overall. This session was developed in conjunction with Rod Higgins with the Division of...

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