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[FGI Series 2]: Cure for the Common Code Webinar - 9.11.2012

Big changes are coming to The FGI Guidelines - the minimum ‘code’ standards for healthcare facilities in 44 states. Input is needed from the entire design profession (architects, engineers, interior designers, owners, AHJ’S, medical professionals, equipment providers, and researcher...

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Focus Search - Recommendation: MOVE TO APPENDIX 63 108 Academy of Architecture for Health 1.2 - 6.1 COMMISSIONING REQUIREMENTS new or modifications to existing physical environment elements critical to patient care and safety or facility energy utilization, at minimum the following systems shall be commissioned:  HVAC, Automatic temperature control,  Domestic hot water  Fire alarm and fire protection systems (integration with other systems)  Essential electrical power systems  Who enforces ‘critical to patient care’…???