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Courthouses -- Cornerstones of Vibrant Cities

The session will focus on how courthouses in three distinct cities, Savannah GA, Washington DC and Boston MA are meeting judicial needs while influencing and responding to their current urban context and history. The presenters will consider the challenges faced by established and new justice...


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2016 Conference - Presentation Powerpoints

The previous two conferences tapped directly into national and local cultural shifts as they directly relate to justice architecture. This year, the conference theme arced high with best practices, enabling broad input from our continuously evolving specialty, emphasizing the critical areas and...

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Focus Search - Courts Track; Thursday at 9:45a...

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Thunder Bay Courthouse, Aboriginal Conference Settlement Suite, Case Study

The Thunder Bay Courthouse is a unique and interesting courthouse project which is under construction for the Ministry of Attorney General in the Province of Ontario, Canada. This culturally significant courthouse is proceeding through the Infrastructure Ontario Design Build Finance and Maintain...

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Designing for a Mega-Courthouse in the Middle East

Planning and designing the new Palace of Justice in Kuwait. At three million square feet, the project is arguably the largest courthouse facility in the world with over 150 courtrooms and an unusually complicated program. It is being planned and designed by Perkins Eastman Architects in concert...

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AIA-AAJ Conference 2011-Planning for and Designing New Courthouses, Large and Small: Lessons Learned from the California Court Building Program

In its short history, Judicial Council of California-AOC has achieved a portfolio of 59 courthouse projects (56 trial courts and 3 appellate courts) including 9 completed projects, 8 projects under-construction or pending construction this year, 13 projects in design and 29 projects in site...

CT-08 Planning for and Designing New Courthouses11.pdf

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AIA-AAJ Conference 2011: Commitment to the Aging American Courthouse

As the landlord of the largest inventory of civic buildings, the GSA plays a significant role in how we cope with the aging of our American courthouses. The AOC in California is founded on similar principals. How do both agencies evaluate existing courthouse inventories and decide to reinvest in...

CT-05 Commitment to the Aging American Courthouse21.pdf

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AIA-AAJ Conference 2011: Designing the Contemporary Courtroom

This session analyzes courtroom configurations: corner bench, center bench and re-centered bench. This includes case studies of recently completed courtrooms that represent the latest thinking in courtroom design. The Pros and Cons of each layout are discussed as well as challenges that are...

CT-01-Designing for the Contemporary Courtroom26.pdf

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Quinte Courthouse: Contributing to Belleville’s Downtown Revitalization

In 2005 the City of Bellville commissioned a Master Plan that outlined the reintegration of the former industrial lands on the west side of the Moira River into the downtown urban fabric. The Quinte Courthouse will be the first major development in this new and revitalized “courthouse district”....


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AIA-AAJ Conference 2011: New Model for Safety & Efficiency in Urban Courthouse Design

The Maricopa County Court Tower project is a model for collaboration and design innovation that has yielded a progressive approach to public safety and the administration of justice. The Court Tower adds a new dimension to safety through the programming of spaces for the victims of crime. This...

CT-06 New Model for Safety & Efficiency in Urban Courthouse Design21.pdf

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AIA-AAJ Conference 2011: Trust + Collaboration + Creative Process = Design Ingenuity (Part 1 - Montgomery County Circuit Court)

The Courthouse is a civic monument and a public space, representing justice and the highest levels of dignity in society. This panel focuses on the process of the design team’s establishing collaboration and trust with the Judicial Branch and client, and maximizing the public’s investment in...

CT-02 Part 1 of 2 - Creative Process + Trust _ Design Ingenuity1.pdf