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2016 Ready and Underway: The Owner’s Case for Commissioning

By Michael Plottel, AIA The complexity of modern buildings often leaves owners figuratively at sea. “Did we really get everything we paid for?” and “How do we operate this thing?” are two questions that often linger long after the ribbon cutting. The answers “Yes, we did” and “Yes, we can” start...

Ready and underway The owner's case for commissioning.pdf

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2016 Beware of substitutions dressed in RFI or submittal clothing

By Bill Schmalz, FAIA, and Yu-Ngok Lo, AIA Most architects know that a substitution, an RFI, and a submittal are distinct things, each with its own relationship to the owner-contractor agreement. Neither RFIs nor submittals should be used to change the design intent. Substitutions can, when...

Beware of substitutions dressed in RFI or submittal clothing_2017 edits.pdf

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2018 Informed Consent

By Bill Schmalz, FAIA Download as a PDF below, or read it online > #ConstructionContractAdminstration #CCAWhitepaper #WhitePapers

Informed Consent.pdf

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2016 If We Keep On Doing What We’ve Always Done…

Our history of risk-shifting and adversarial contractual terms needs to give way to real collaboration and teamwork, so take a look at 5 IPD-ish provisions that can be easily woven into existing contracts. [Download the PDF to read more] #collaborative #collaboration #cca #construction contract administration #Construction #contractprovisions #earlyGMP #QBS #ConstructionContractAdministration #constructionproductivity #IPD #efficiency

If We Keep On Doing What We’ve Always Done.pdf

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2015 - CCA1504: Construction Project Documentation

This workshop will discuss the importance and types of project documentation, and outline tools and strategies for proper documentation of a successful project from design through construction contract administration

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Focus Search - Can your contract supplant the statutes of repose if the contract sets the limit between Owner and Architect at 5 years?

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To Architectural Interns: Preparing for the ARE Construction Documents Services

As an architectural intern who has recently graduated and is entering the profession, you are faced with some formidable challenges on your way to licensure. Since a good portion of the ARE’s Construction Document Services division tests you in topics many candidates are not familiar with, it...

ARE divisions Construction Documents and Services_R1.pdf