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2012 Public Architects Workshop Handouts

Enclosed are the PAW agenda, speaker bios and session handouts. #Airports #PublicArchitectsCommittee #GSA #Workshops #publicarchitects #2012Convention #PAW #Workshop #USCapitol #Schools #Presentations #Interns

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Focus Search - Washington Convention Center, Room 207B Rona G

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Repurposing Existing Buildings for Essential Services Operations

Facing economic shortages, counties are choosing to repurpose commercial buildings for essential services operations. This session will explore the planning and design processes of this approach, and the associated benefits and challenges for programming, operations, and security. #Conferences...


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Long-Term Solitary Confinement in the U.S.: Design and Implications

Angad Bhalla will introduce the topic by talking about Herman Wallace and the film, Herman’s House. During this time, Angad will show clips from the film. Craig Haney will discuss policy issues and psychological impacts of solitary confinement. He we also discuss his most recent Senate testimony...

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Focus Search - Ending Design for Torture and Killing A proposal to amend the AIA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct to prohibit the design of spaces intended for long-term solitary isolation and execution Raphael Sperry, AIA Architects / Designers / Planners for Social Responsibility Academy of Architecture for Justice Convention October 11, 2012 Why is this Ethics Code Amendment Needed?

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An Introduction to the Alternative Financing and Procurement Model to Design, Build, Finance and Manage New Ontario

This introduction provides a brief history of the development of Alternative Financing and Procurement (AFP) Models created by Infrastructure Ontario, as they relate to new Courthouse construction in Ontario, Canada. Achieving Design Excellence while reducing risk to the public sector will be...

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Courthouses -- Cornerstones of Vibrant Cities

The session will focus on how courthouses in three distinct cities, Savannah GA, Washington DC and Boston MA are meeting judicial needs while influencing and responding to their current urban context and history. The presenters will consider the challenges faced by established and new justice...


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Central Washington Hospital Expansion Project

2012 BIM Award Program Category: BIM Excellence Honorable Mention Central Washington Hospital Expansion Project HDR Architects #CaseStudies #2012BIMAwardProgram #AcademyofArchitectureforHealth

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