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BIM for Lifecycle Management: Bootcamp for Architects, Contractors, and Engineers

Overview: Owners lament: I’ve been given BIMs from our latest project. What do I do with them? This workshop helps BIM practitioners provide answers to this vexing question posed by owners. The workshop begins with a study of the latest research data on the BIM ecosystem. Novel approaches...

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Focus Search - • Section 2: Technology Landscape • Section 3: Integrated Lifecycle Management • Section 4: Client Specific Case Study • Section 5: Questions Silo Approach of Information Transfer • Information is delivered long after facility is in operation and is time consuming • Information may not be accurately structured for an IWMS • Information is Electronic but on DVD’s • Operator has to re-gather information now that building and data has been HANDED OVER • Typically does not have good warranty information • Thousand+ page PDF to cycle through • Typically assigned to low level personnel and is not high priority or quality product • Data transfer issues are mostly manual • Lack of shared project knowledge between teams Owner-Driven Exchange Process Business As Usual Workflow Facilities Management Traditional Development & Handover Process • 71% of Facility Records are paper based & inaccessible • Facility Managers spend 10-30% of their time looking for info • $.23/sf related to inadequate data in Operational Costs • Equipment data takes 18-24 months to reach the CMMS Total Cost of Ownership Questions 1