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Adopting the FGI Guidelines for Hospitals

The Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI) updates the Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities every four years, creating a document used by states and federal agencies to regulate health care facility design and construction. However, some states have not yet adopted the...

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Troubleshooting Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) Cladding Webinar

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) have been installed on over 1 million buildings in North America over the last 45 years representing over 1 billion square feet of application. As a low maintenance cladding, EIFS can require periodic cleaning, color coating and general overall...

Troubleshooting Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) Cladding - Final 012915.pdf

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Outpatient Care Pavilion

2014 BIM Award ProgramCategory: Delivery Process InnovationCitationOutpatient Care PavilionCannon Design withLend Lease, Affiliated Engineers, Thornton Tomasetti, and Pepper ConstructionJury Comments:They just hit on so many different notes and did them so well. They used BIM as it should be...

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AAH1502: FGI Primer

This is a primer on how to use the FGI Guidelines in the course of planning and design of healthcare facilities. We will quickly review the background of the “Guidelines” and its raison d'être. We will review the essential elements of the Guidelines, available formats and how to best go about...

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The Southwest Detention Centre Building a Good News Story for a Regional Detention Centre

The South West Detention Centre is a new 140,000 SF Provincial detention centre located on 30 acres in Windsor, Ontario. Housing 315 maximum security beds, the facility has been carefully designed for flexibility, safety and accessibility; the facility is capable of supporting diverse and...


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The Future of Specifications

Project contract documents contain drawings and specifications. Yet the active industry discussion is about BIM (drawings) and almost no discussion about specifications. Surely there have been technology advances for specification authoring and linking to BIMs. Well-coordinated drawings and...

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Focus Search - If it’s a facility manager, then the size

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BIM for Lifecycle Management: Bootcamp for Architects, Contractors, and Engineers

Overview:Owners lament: I’ve been given BIMs from our latest project. What do I do with them?This workshop helps BIM practitioners provide answers to this vexing question posed by owners.The workshop begins with a study of the latest research data on the BIM ecosystem. Novel approaches in BIM...

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Focus Search - • Facility Managers spend 10-30% of their time

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Preservation Architect - 2016 Issues


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Focus Search - facility managers; interior designers and