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Occupant’s Perceptions of Openness in Federal Courthouses

Authors: Debajyoti Pati, Mahbub Rashid, Craig Zimring Year of Publication: 2010 Country of Study: USA How do courthouse occupants and the general public perceive the architectural design of new generation federal courthouses? Does the federal government’s design intention to achieve “openness”...


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AIA-AAJ Conference 2011: Designing the Contemporary Courtroom

This session analyzes courtroom configurations: corner bench, center bench and re-centered bench. This includes case studies of recently completed courtrooms that represent the latest thinking in courtroom design. The Pros and Cons of each layout are discussed as well as challenges that are...

CT-01-Designing for the Contemporary Courtroom26.pdf

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AIA-AAJ Conference 2011 - New European Courthouses: Critique, Irony, Theatrics (poetics)

New courthouses in Europe base their formal strategies on partis conceptually distinct from those widely used for new courts in the US and Canada. Based on observations gained on a recent tour sponsored by the Court of the Future network the insights gained suggests more critical and nuanced...

CT-03 New European Courthouses Critique, Irony, Theatrics (poetics)21.pdf

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Rethinking Openness: Courthouses in The United States

Authors: Debajyoti Pati, Mallika Bose, Craig Zimring Year of Publication: 2007 Country of Study: USA This study investigated the meanings of openness in respect to courthouse design from the viewpoints of designers and critics. Their conceptions and interpretations were obtained in the context...