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AIA/AAH Case Study Library

The original goals of the Case Study effort by the Research Initiatives Committee was the following: Gathering and/or creating case studies to share with the Healthcare Industry Utilizing the AIA/AAH Health Care Design Awards as a “peer-reviewed” source for case studies Defining a standardized format for case studies and encouraging firms and their clients to use it Creating a AIA/AAH Case Study Repository or Library for sharing the case studies It is the AIA/AAH Research Initiatives Committee’s vision that a more focused and formal approach to collegial sharing of Design Award Winning Project information will help us all do better work

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Focus Search - Ambulatory Care: Cancer Care; 2016 Desig...

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RE: Ed Mazria in ARCHITECT, with urgency and optimism

I concur with Ludmilla's comment that ALL AIA design award programs should be "decisively linked" to sustainability and the AIA 2030 Challenge. If architects are to demonstrate leadership in fighting climate change, then we need to be aggressive about representing architectural excellence and sustainable design in any design awards issued

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AAH Awards Supplement

Get an in-depth look at the AIA/AAH Healthcare Design Award recipients with the supplements below

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AAH1604: Case Study: UCLA Outpatient Surgery and Cancer Center

He will share planning concepts, methods for achieving healing environments and patient experience-enhancing features which all made this project a design award recipient

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Focus Search - Case Study: UCLA Outpatient Surgery and Oncology...

Oberfield Lecture: Marion Weiss - Inside Nature

Her firm’s Olympic Sculpture Park exemplifies this cross disciplinary design approach and the project has been recognized internationally through museum exhibitions and design awards

 09-23-2013 | 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM ET