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CD-07: The Private Sector's Best Practices in Delivery Methods - CCA Experience and Philosophy

A historical perspective CCA’s best practice experience in procuring services for their facility development over a 30 year history and why this process continues to evolve to response to today’s changing marketplace. #Presentations #CorrectionsandDetentionsTrack #2013AAJConference ...

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The Southwest Detention Centre Building a Good News Story for a Regional Detention Centre

The South West Detention Centre is a new 140,000 SF Provincial detention centre located on 30 acres in Windsor, Ontario. Housing 315 maximum security beds, the facility has been carefully designed for flexibility, safety and accessibility; the facility is capable of supporting diverse and...


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A New Facility Typology for Women in Detention

The San Diego County Women’s Detention Facility is a new 1,216-bed, prototype campus resulting in an ambiance which is distinctly transformative, and creates a welcome neighbourhood presence. The facility will provide as many “normative” qualities as possible, pushing the envelope on the very...


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AIA-AAJ Conference 2011: Measuring Effectiveness: Evidence-Based Detention Facilities Design

Money for new detention facilities is scarce. Architects can help justify the construction of new facilities through a rigorous examination of key challenges that the proposed new facility needs to solve. The effectiveness approach to detention facility design begins in the programming and...

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AIA-AAJ Conference 2011: Justice Design for a New Economy

Current economic times require governments and their architects to deliver more with less. This presentation utilizes three recent Michigan county detention and court projects to demonstrate methods to improve operation, security and efficiency within limited budgets including review of their...

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AIA-AAJ Conference 2011: Five Principles of a High Performance Detention Center

Using the recently designed and currently under construction Douglas County, Georgia Detention Center and Law Enforcement Facility as a case study, the course will outline strategies to achieve the five principals of a high performance detention center:1. Optimize staff environment2. Support...

2011AAJ Five Principles of High Performance Detention1.pdf

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AIA-AAJ Conference 2011: Creative Interpretation of Prototype Design for Corrections

Faced with the issue of reuse of an existing prototype and a predefined program from our clients, do we, as architects accept this as our basis of design or do we push the creative aspects of the definition of a prototype with a more cost effective, sustainable, and functional solution? ...

2011AAJ Creative Interpretation of Prototype Design for Corrections.pdf

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AIA-AAJ Conference 2011: An Architectural Viewpoint on Female Incarceration

Although a small portion of the incarcerated today, women are the fastest rising criminal population in North America and their architectural needs are therefore worthy of our consideration. This presentation focuses on appropriate and effective designs of correctional facilities for women and...

2011AAJ Perspectives on Female Incarceration21.pdf

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AIA-AAJ Conference 2011-Design/Build in Corrections Environments: Good, Bad, or Indifferent?

Alternative project delivery methods are being more utilized in the planning, design, and construction of detention and correctional facilities. The various forms of design/build have redefined the roles and responsibilities of the participating parties. What variations exist, pros/cons, and how...

2011AAJ Design-Build In Corrections Environments1.pdf

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Long-Term Solitary Confinement in the U.S.: Design and Implications

Angad Bhalla will introduce the topic by talking about Herman Wallace and the film, Herman’s House. During this time, Angad will show clips from the film. Craig Haney will discuss policy issues and psychological impacts of solitary confinement. He we also discuss his most recent Senate testimony...

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